hip flask gift set

Stainless steel hip flask gift set


Product name: Stainless steel hip flask gift set

Model: QL-9483

Description: 7oz hip flask, one cigarette case, two cup, with gift box packing

Material: Stainless steel

All right, the show beautifully Stainless steel hip flask gift set to open, your favorite of the Royal Coffee Pot that greet your eyes, then 2 cups lit with flash gets in the eyes with the shadow, facing these you will have an impulse wait for them to drink a jug of wine full of air and unfortunately do not install wine.

Uses: This product is elegant and refined, beautiful and small

Easy to carry, for a variety of alcohol-sheng

Most suitable for a variety of spirits Sheng, also can be used for sub-Division, enterprises and institutions of the promotional activities

Stainless steel hip flask gift set specifically designed for Sheng alcoholic drinks:

1. For the first time the use of small wine pot with clean water before cleaning;

2. After use to keep a small hip flask in liquidation, dry, and then should be thoroughly cleaned before use

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