Stainless Steel Tea Cap – Keep Your Tea Hot

Make your tea a true deal with with gorgeous teapots. A teapot is really a vessel employed for steeping tea leaves and serving them in cups. Teapots appear in many different shapes, sizes colours and outlooks. They may be in the custom types, the ceramic types and most typically the Stainless Steel Teapots. Stainless Steel [...]

what shall we do when the stainless steel cup can’t open?

Why is stainless steel cup will not open it? This is mainly because of your cup filling into hot water, air and water which are expanding, such as water temperature decreased over a period of time, but has been contracted, so that caused a pressure difference inside and outside the cup, so it will Screw [...]

Finding The Best Stainless Steel Hip Flask

If you are looking for a really different type of gift idea, you should consider purchasing a stainless steel hip flask for either the man in your life or for a group of friends. This could even be a great idea for wedding favours to present to the best man or best men.

A Little [...]

Stainless Steel Cup

Most exercise enthusiasts need to have water available to keep hydrated during physical activity. Due to the increase of water loss during exercise, it is extremely important to keep replenishing your body with water throughout the day. Try not to wait until you are feeling thirsty, because your body has already reached its depletion of [...]

Features stainless steel hip flask

Stainless steel hip flask

General Characteristics

◆ surface appearance and the use of the possibility of diversification of ◆ good corrosion resistance, long-term durability than ordinary steel ◆ Good corrosion resistance ◆ high strength, and thus the possibility of the use of large plate ◆ high temperature oxidation and high strength, able to [...]