How to Clean a Stainless Steel Flask

Hip flasks are commonly given away as gifts at weddings and other formal celebrations. Typically made from some type of metal (usually stainless steel and sometimes pewter), flasks are a shiny accessory—if they are kept clean. A common mistake for flask owners is to disregard cleaning the flask, especially if the flask is made from [...]

Collect History Flasks

Antique bottles are popular collectors’ items and can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors. If you want to collect history flasks, consider a few important factors and keep an eye open for a unique prize.

Search online. You can find dozens of hip flasks at auction sites such as eBay; you can also [...]

hip flask gift set


Product name: Stainless steel hip flask gift set

Model: QL-9483

Description: 7oz hip flask, one cigarette case, two cup, with gift box packing

Material: Stainless steel

All right, the show beautifully Stainless steel hip flask gift set to open, your favorite of the Royal Coffee Pot that greet your eyes, then [...]