Leather-wrapped hip flask

Leather-wrapped hip flask are available for men or women in many styles, including wild animal prints like leopard, snakeskin or zebra. Select from solid colors or print options like plaid, camouflage, paisley or even money patterns. Leather flasks can be engraved or embossed with names or dates. Another option with a leather flask is a combination [...]

Feel Refreshed With a Durable Sports Bottle

Almost every person in this world is addicted to sports. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor sport, everyone exerts a lot of strength and effort to excel. There are people who instead of keeping themselves healthy, they would push themselves beyond their limits sometimes reaching the point where they are already hurting. Although it [...]

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Flask

Hip flasks are commonly given away as gifts at weddings and other formal celebrations. Typically made from some type of metal (usually stainless steel and sometimes pewter), flasks are a shiny accessory—if they are kept clean. A common mistake for flask owners is to disregard cleaning the flask, especially if the flask is made from [...]

What Is a Flask Used for

Different types of hip flasks are used for different purposes. The most commonly known flask is the “hip” (drinking) flask, used to store and transport small amounts of liquid refreshment. History Flasks, said to be of Norwegian origin, have been around since the 18th century. They’re mainly used to discreetly carry alcoholic drinks and/or water [...]

How to Design a Shot Glass

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet thoughtful (and possibly useful) novelty gift for someone, try a personalized shot glass. You can add text, pictures and art to shot glasses of various sizes. These can be given as a light-hearted gag gift with a funny message like “Bottom’s Up” or as a more formal [...]