The “hip Flask Defence”

POST-INCIDENT DRINKING OR THE “HIP FLASK” DEFENCE The Road Traffic Act 1988 contains a number of offences connected with drink or drugs, including the offence of driving or being in charge of a vehicle whilst being above the legal limit for alcohol. A specimen of breath, blood or urine from a driver suspected of any [...]

Pewter Hip Flask As A Special Gift

If you are searching for a special gift for someone that has everything, then you may wish to check out a pewter hips flask. A hip flask can be given for all kinds of occasions including a best man’s gift, a gift for the groom, even his and hers matching pewter hips flasks as an [...]

Personalized Engraved Liquor Hip Flasks

Personalized gifts items make for the best gifts to absolutely anyone. There is nothing like having an item that has your name and a message from a loved one. It will remind you of your loved one always when you look at the gift. So if you think of it from your own point of [...]

Sports Bottles – Best Promotional Products

Sports bottles certainly are one of the most trendiest products for promotion that are available today. There are various types and some of the most popular ones are certainly personalized bottles. Such sports bottles are personalized, such that they appear different and yet stay connected to the company, brand, service or product bearing their [...]

Stainless Steel Hip Flasks – All About Hip Flasks

If you are looking at finding new ideas for gifts for male members of your family or friends, you could consider purchasing a stainless steel hip flask. This is a definitely a lovely way to show how much you care.

A  flask is shaped to follow the contours of your hip and thigh so that [...]

History Of The Hip Flask

Since the 18th century people have been producing slim, ergonomic flasks for carrying distilled usually alcoholic, drinks discreetly. The form factor has become a design classic which has remained true to this day. Before that time they would be constructed from glass or leather and most often used for pilgrimages. The slightly curved body of [...]

Nano Energy Cup

1. Nanometer Energy Cup Features Nano Energy Cup, also known as “health tourmaline Cup”, “tourmaline Energy Cup.” Nano Energy Cup is a new health-care cup, the bottom of the cup with functional areas, functional materials, integration of tourmaline, activated carbon, basalt, germanium stone, activated silica, activated dozens of natural materials such as titanium dioxide by [...]

How to choose stainless steel Hip flask

  Optional hip flask Tips 1. Materials: Comparison of ordinary steel and stainless steel, the price varies considerably. Not because of the purity of ordinary steel, may grow over time rust, use stainless steel beaker and quality assurance more; material thickness also determines the quality of good and bad, generally better than 1.0 cm in thickness. Some hip [...]