hip flask gift set


Product name: Stainless steel hip flask gift set

Model: QL-9483

Description: 7oz hip flask, one cigarette case, two cup, with gift box packing

Material: Stainless steel

All right, the show beautifully Stainless steel hip flask gift set to open, your favorite of the Royal Coffee Pot that greet your eyes, then [...]

Sports bottle

Sports bottle made of strong and durable, safe, reliable and convenient insurance, all walks of life characterized by love, a different color, different style, let more in-depth to every household and carry water bottle as a tool, the structure is very simple, uses are more single. Historically, the most commonly used in outdoor sports bottle [...]

Features stainless steel hip flask

Stainless steel hip flask

General Characteristics

◆ surface appearance and the use of the possibility of diversification of ◆ good corrosion resistance, long-term durability than ordinary steel ◆ Good corrosion resistance ◆ high strength, and thus the possibility of the use of large plate ◆ high temperature oxidation and high strength, able to [...]

Sports bottle capacity

Sports bottle capacity is divided into 350 ml, 400 ml, 500 ml, 550 ml, 600 ml, 650 ml, 750 ml, 800 ml, 1000 ml and 1500 milliliters, ranging Kid is 350 ml. Of the most popular in the case of 400-1000 ml of this. Single-layer aluminum Sports bottle to use more narrow mouth design, the [...]

Sports bottle Categories

Production of raw materials, Sports bottles, there are two, one is plastic, the other is aluminum, so there are plastic Sports bottle and the name for aluminum Sports bottle, plastic Sports bottle of Royal Coffee Pot is multi-purpose PE, PC, AS, PP, HIPS, or BS, lid with PP and ABS are more common. There is [...]

I am a grandfather, a small flagon

Walking in the street, my grandfather took my hand with large hands, there is always 3322 asked the old man laughed out loud: “The little old man whom you have led?” Grandpa always smiled and replied: “Hip flask.” This is a permanent memory of my childhood.

Poor child at home, but every evening [...]

Stainless steel Hip flask

Product Description: 【Size】Hip flask 9.5 × Width 11.5 × thickness 2cm high 【Composition】 stainless steel 【Style】 exquisite art work, selected materials, collapsible parts used in many ways (after demolition of a spoon, a fork, spoon Lidai the knife, fork into vials Kai Li Dai, with knife, fork, spoon, bottle Kai function is very useful)