Abstract canvas printings

Abstract canvas printings Artkey, founded in 1997, is the world’s leading Asian art licensing and publishing corporation. Owning exclusive rights to over 60, 000 artworks from 700 Chinese artists, as well as the resources from renowned Asian museums, such as Taipei’s National Palace Museum and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Artkey promises to [...]

Fasteners and Fastening Systems

Mechanical fasteners provide a clamping force between two pieces of material.There is a wide variety of types of fasteners and a variety of materials used to make them. There are threaded fasteners, non-threaded fasteners and special purpose fasteners. Steel fasteners are the most common material used, although aluminum alloys, brass and nickel are amongst other [...]

Door Hardware to Reflect Style and Taste

Tags:cabinet handle drawer and door lock glass door handle Every room throughout the house reflects the homeowner’s style and taste in one way or another. Home interior design is an art to many people and often times homeowners tend to throw in their own style and personality when it comes time for a home remodel [...]

Injection Mold Maker – A New, Innovative and Improved Technique of Molding

Mold is a fungus that grows on many different substances. Unlike plants, which feed themselves through photosynthesis, molds actually gain energy by consuming other substances. For example, if you see mold on your bread, it is most likely consuming the bread it is on. Similarly, mold that is found in the walls may be living [...]

Cardboard coffins don’t cost the earth

Several years ago, Burringbar artists Julie Ward and Evelyn Jones had to deal with the loss of family members and the subsequent grief. Julie dealt with it by painting a local panorama to sit near her dad’s coffin at the funeral while Evelyn painted her mother’s casket. ‘It was really nice and brought a personal [...]